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I created the first B&W portrait of myself, my husband and our two cats to print onto tea towels for our wedding favours back in 2018! Take a look how they turned out here.

They are a pencil-sketchy, monochrome style and you can chose between a floral border, create a custom themed border or go borderless.

They take a little less time to create so I can offer a lower design fee, making them a more affordable option and perfect for gifts.

My prices are based on how many people/pets/babies are in the portrait and there's also an option to add a custom background or border. Initial prices include:

One A4 inkjet print on white 192gsm archival paper


A hi-res digital file for you to print at home or professionally and share online.

Download my price list here or get in touch for more details or to book your slot now!

BW1 yellow.jpg

one border

Everyone in the same, standard floral border.

You can also add 1-2 items to the border to personalise it.

bw separate yellow.jpg

separate borders


Everyone in their own smaller, floral borders.


You can also chose to have the figures holding hands, clinking a favourite drink or something else?

bw custom.jpg

bespoke border

I can create a custom border based on a theme (houseplants, the seaside) or add small icons (favourite hobbies, foods, sports team logos, flags).

This option is great for wedding stationery, why not include the same flowers you'll be using in your bouquet?

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