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Colour portraits are my best sellers and there are lots of the different styles and compositions to suit any portrait or project.

My prices are based on how many people/pets/babies are in the portrait and there's also an option to add a custom background or border. Initial prices include:

One A4 inkjet print on white 192gsm archival paper


A hi-res digital file for you to print at home or professionally and share online.

Download my price list here or get in touch for more details or to book your slot now!

Colour Portrait yellow.jpg



The OG - this is the style I developed when I started my business back in 2017 and it has been a best seller ever since!

These portraits are characterised by a smooth, thick, black outline block filled with colour. This gives them a fun, cartoon feel.

This style works well in a full length or head-to-waist composition.

pencil1 yellow.jpg




I created this "new" style 2019 as a colourful version of my B&W portraits.

I use a pencil-like digital brush to draw and fill these portraits which gives a lovely, softer, textured feel to the finished drawing.

This style works especially well for wedding stationery or nursery prints. My favourite is the "all-in-a-row" composition!




The new kid on the block - I developed this style in 2022 in time for Valentine's Day.

In a similar style to my pencil portraits, with a colourful floral border that can be personalised to suit the colour scheme of your home or wedding stationery.

The floral border works best with a head-to-waist composition.

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